Fortman Cline values each member of its team and provides employees with an opportunity to develop both their individual and team skills in a flat and collegial corporate culture. We pride ourselves on promoting a team-oriented culture and offer both formal class training and rigorous on-the-job training to all our analysts, exposing them to all aspects of a deal transaction from day one.

Job Opportunities

Fortman Cline actively seeks young and talented individuals to fill internship positions, which are typically 8–12 weeks long. Internship candidates should have a strong academic track record at a top university and display a strong eagerness to learn about investment banking.

Past internships include students from Ateneo de Manila University, Bentley University, Boston College, City University of London, Columbia University, De La Salle University, Fordham University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Northwestern University, Royal Holloway University of London, Simon Fraser University, Singapore Management University, St. Louis University, University College London, University of Bath, University of Buckingham, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), University of Sydney, University of the Philippines, University of Toronto, and Yale-NUS.

All internships are fulfilled at the Regional Operating Headquarters in Manila. For interested applicants, please submit your CV to

Full-time Associates / Financial Analyst Positions

Fortman Cline continuously searches for qualified entry-level analyst applicants as well as experienced associate applicants with over 3 years of relevant work experience in investment banking or private equity.

Intern Testimonials

  • Luis
    De La Salle University Manila

    “My internship at FCCM has been an incredibly enriching experience. From day one, I felt welcomed by a supportive team that challenged me with meaningful tasks, allowing me to develop my technical and interpersonal skills. FCCM’s commitment to nurturing talent, fostering a collaborative environment, and providing real-world exposure to deals has enabled me to grow both professionally and personally.

    I am immensely grateful for the opportunities and connections I’ve gained here, and I wholeheartedly recommend FCCM to any aspiring investment bankers looking for a rewarding and fulfilling internship experience.”

  • Arielle
    University of Toronto

    “Completing an internship at FCCM has been an invaluable and unforgettable experience! As a consulting intern under Management Services, I was entrusted with challenging and meaningful work from the start. Over just a few months, I was given countless opportunities to develop a multitude of skills and gain knowledge across a variety of industries. From conducting qualitative and quantitative research to even facing clients, every project offered a wealth of learning pivotal to my growth. For this reason, I am profoundly grateful for the leadership, guidance, and enrichment I have received from the best in the field. And I cannot express just how thankful I am for the mentorship that my superiors and co-workers have offered me throughout my time at FCCM.”

  • Lindsey
    Ateneo de Manila University

    I was very fortunate to have worked in FCCM and been exposed to investment banking, particularly M&A’s, which provided yet another new milestone and experience for me as a management economics major. That said, this internship has given me a platform to explore the market in the fields of agriculture, healthcare, insurance, and more.

    Ultimately, I am immensely grateful for the countless opportunities to enhance a multitude of soft and hard skills, sharpen my critical thinking, and learn invaluable lessons from working with my mentors and peers.”

  • Connor
    International School Manila

    “My internship journey at Fortman Cline has been nothing short of transformative. Throughout this experience, I had the privilege of immersing myself in the intricacies of a full-time job and gaining invaluable real-world insights that have shaped my career aspirations. The friendly and open learning environment fostered a sense of belonging, empowering me to explore my potential without fear of failure. What truly set this experience apart was the unwavering support of my experienced colleagues, who acted as mentors, guiding me through challenges and honing skills transferable across industries. The knowledge Fortman Cline imparted is immeasurable, equipping me to face future endeavors with confidence and determination.”

  • Matthew
    The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

    My summer internship at Fortman Cline, a boutique investment bank, was the best I’ve ever experienced. The firm’s lean deal teams gave me a remarkable level of responsibility and hands-on experience—from meaningful exposure to client meetings to detailed competitive analysis and financial modeling. I was fortunate to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of industries in transition that are catalyzing growth, such as the telecom, healthcare, insurance, and consumer industries. I firmly believe that there is no better firm than Fortman Cline to pursue an investment banking internship in.”

  • Erika
    University of the Philippines Manila

    “I am truly grateful for the incredible experience I’ve had as a managing consulting intern at FCCM. From the moment I joined the team, I was welcomed with kindness and encouragement by my supervisors, analysts, and colleagues alike. It was their support that lifted my spirits, especially when faced with challenging duties as an intern.

    One of my most memorable tasks in the company was to create presentation decks for clients, a responsibility that not only allowed me to apply my skills but also strengthened my confidence with the company’s belief in my abilities. This trust motivated me to strive for excellence and push my boundaries. Overall, the culture of learning at FCCM has provided me with the tools necessary to bloom into my potential.”

  • Erin
    De La Salle University Manila

    “My internship at Fortman Cline has been a transformative experience that has significantly shaped both my personal and professional growth. I can confidently attest that the impact this internship has had on me is nothing short of remarkable.

    During my time at Fortman Cline, I was exposed to a diverse range of industries and companies, providing me with invaluable real-world insights and skills that have enriched my knowledge and capabilities. Whether it was the hands-on experience or the mentorship I received, every aspect of this internship contributed to my growth. Moreover, the values and principles instilled in me by Fortman Cline, including their commitment to excellence, integrity, and collaboration, have become an integral part of my professional identity. In essence, Fortman Cline has not only expanded my horizons but also shaped my character, making me a better version of myself. This internship has truly changed my life for the better, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunities and guidance it has provided.”

  • Jazlyn
    University of the Philippines Diliman

    “My internship at Fortman Cline provided me the unique opportunity to immerse myself in the world of finance and gain invaluable insights. One of the most enriching aspects of my experience was researching various industries, which not only honed my analytical skills but also deepened my understanding of their intricacies. Moreover, my time at the firm gave me a profound appreciation for my management classes. Case studies discussed in school quickly became relevant in analyzing FCCM’s different deals. I witnessed how effective management and strategic decision-making are vital to how a company is valued and learned about different industry-specific metrics that are relevant in assessing a company’s value. Overall, this internship has equipped me with practical skills, industry knowledge, and an avenue to apply what I learned in school through a meaningful and fun experience!”

  • Benjamin
    University of the Philippines

    “I had a very fruitful time working at Fortman Cline. In the 2 and a half months I spent interning over the summer, I learned more about finance, valuation, and dealmaking than I would have ever been able to in university or other programs. Being able to work hands-on with the various stages of the various deals challenged and exposed me to be proactive and learn about the different facets of investment banking, which did not resemble the typical ‘intern work’ of manual and tedious labor.

    The entire team felt like a tight-knit family, making asking questions and learning a breeze. The company also held internal workshops on modeling and valuations, all of which helped me learn more than I could ever imagine. This fostered an encouraging environment of challenging myself and learning from experience, and I would definitely go back given the opportunity.”

  • Ianna
    De La Salle University

    Working at Fortman Cline’s Management Services team as an intern has been one of the most rewarding, worthwhile, and memorable experiences in my college life. The entire team provided me with sufficient guidance which maximized both my learnings and experience. FCCM prioritizes work-life balance and maintaining a vibrant, welcoming culture that empowers everyone to champion their clients. In this internship, I developed many competencies and gained valuable industry knowledge by handling a wide range of projects and collaborating with the Investment Banking arm of the firm. I was able to grow personally and professionally during my stay through the unwavering guidance of my managers and the opportunities offered by the company to contribute to its objectives. FCCM’s immersive internship program has definitely molded me to become a future versatile and considerate corporate leader, ready to conquer the business world 

  • Santino
    Ateneo De Manila University

    The Fortman Cline internship experience is unparalleled by most other companies. Through immersion in deals and the mentorship of seasoned analysts, this internship has significantly enhanced both my technical skills and interpersonal skills. Tasks ranging from crafting presentation materials, conducting comprehensive deal research, creating models, interacting with clients, to shadowing experienced analysts have provided invaluable insights into what it is like to be an investment banker. Undoubtedly, the internship is one of the most demanding and requires commitment, a learning-based mindset, discipline, and dedication. Nonetheless, it is unquestionably the most enriching and rewarding internship experience that I have had. 

  • Kingsley
    UP Diliman

    Working at Fortman Cline was an invaluable experience that far exceeded my expectations. As an intern, I undertook responsibilities akin to analysts, including creating decks, comps, and financial models that were sent and presented to clients. Guided by experienced analysts and supported by fellow interns, I found the environment both collaborative and empowering, making it easier to handle complex tasks. This dynamic setting not only deepened my understanding of investment banking practices but also enhanced the value of my internship experience.

    Truly, Fortman Cline provides an ideal setting for aspiring investment bankers to thrive, offering abundant opportunities for professional growth and development. I am deeply thankful for this opportunity, as it enabled me to acquire knowledge and skills that extend beyond the scope of traditional classroom learning.