Our Firm
What We Do

Fortman Cline Capital Markets is a Hong Kong-based advisory services firm focused on providing strategic advisory services to (i) emerging conglomerates operating in specialized industries in Southeast Asia and (ii) owner-managers seeking finance ranging from private equity, joint ventures, M&A, and that are further looking for strategic and family succession advice.

Fortman Cline has successfully tapped into a niche not filled by the large investment banks, particularly for mid-market entrepreneurs and corporations or emerging conglomerates that have not yet reached the critical size for mainstream public investors. In addition, Fortman Cline has also served large public conglomerates through superior client service, deep industry expertise, and cross-border expertise.

The firm has proven its success by closing overĀ  US$20 billion of M&A and fund-raising transactions over a range of industries. Over the years, the firm has specialized in sectors such as power and energy, health care, transport infrastructure and logistics, consumer products, natural resources, and technology. It has been ranked as a top M&A firm in the Philippines (Bloomberg) and in Southeast Asia (Thomson Reuters). Fortman Cline also offers post-M&A services to include advice on negotiations over key contracts, business turnarounds, and general assistance on the finance function of target companies.

Fortman Cline has a mission to provide excellent customer service for reasonable and fair consideration and under strict ethical standards, creating strategic opportunities for its clients in emerging markets within Southeast Asia.